I recently came across a very inspiring story about a kid who started his own small business at age 6. This story made me think about one important element that needs to be present if we want to change our lives, pursue a dream of any kind, or create something valuable. You can read the full story below.

Story of the ten-year-old entrepreneur

by Zig Ziglar, original article

Marc Wright is a seasoned performer in the world of free enterprise and opportunity. He is the president of the Kiddie Card Company and one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Canada.  Marc started his business when he was just six years old after listening to some motivational tapes.  After a visit to an art museum, Marc thought he’d make some drawings and see if he could earn money.  His mother suggested he put his pictures on cards and sell them. He was an immediate success with some rather unique concepts.

He knocks on the door (and, incidentally, his mom does go with him), and gives his short but effective sales talk.  He introduces himself, “Hi.  My name is Marc and I’m freezing!  I’m selling greeting cards. How many would you like to buy?  Here’s a handful. Just pick the ones you want and pay me what you want.”  His cards are hand-drawn on pink, green and white paper.  They cover the seasons of the year and Marc sells them about three days a week for a total of six or seven hours. He averages about 75 cents a card and sells about 25 cards in an hour.

Marc quickly realized he would need help, so he currently has ten staff members, primarily artists who draw the pictures.  He pays them a quarter for each original drawing.  He’s also expanded his operation through the mail and seems to get busier and busier. His first year in business, Marc earned $3,000.00 – enough to take his mom on a trip to Disney World.

At age ten, Marc has become something of a media celebrity and has appeared in the National Enquirer. He’s appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and been interviewed by Conan O’Brien.

Marc had an idea, didn’t count his birthdays, received some encouragement from his mother and started his business.

Question: Do you have an idea that’s marketable? If you do, take action and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

The secret element of success

In the course of my work I often meet people who have wonderful dreams they would love to pursue, an amazing life they would love to live, and things they are passionate about . . . BUT, for some reason, the dreams remain dreams and the people continue to survive day by day, captured by stress and an unfulfilling life.

Since I frequently work with business startups and young entrepreneurs, I also hear a lot of great ideas, dreams, and plans to change the world, which never become a reality. Why?

The reason is because at some point we have to stop planning, reading, talking, dreaming and just start to TAKE ACTION to make these wonderful things a reality. Without actually doing, nothing will come to pass. An ancient English proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Start Taking Action

  • If you want to build your own business – start taking small steps toward it today, actually doing something that will get you closer.
  • If you want to reduce stress at work – devote 1 hour this week to thinking about the reasons for the stress, then start taking steps to reduce the stress.
  • If you want to change jobs – devote a few hours per week to that, and start preparing and searching.
  • If you want to improve any area of your life – pick one area at this point, identify one thing you will improve starting tomorrow, and then do it.

A little progress is better than no progress at all.

It does not require much, believe me. I have been there too and have done it. I hope the story below will inspire you to take action on something that is meaningful to you. It inspires me 🙂

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