Most people I meet in different countries, in the course of my work, talk about success and how they want to be successful – especially young entrepreneurs, who are just starting their careers and businesses. We all want to be successful in life, and I often ask people, “What is your definition of success?”

Surprisingly, the definition of success I usually hear is limited to something in terms of business, power, recognition or an accumulated amount of money and material things. Sometimes I don’t get an answer, but see a puzzled look in the other person’s eyes, as as if this is the first time in their life they have ever been asked this question.

What is your definition of success?

I strongly believe that you and me, all of us, were created with eternal purpose, to live a meaningful life and change the world. That’s why I believe we need to think about what true success in life really means and direct our lives toward achieving that.

I often repeat this sentence when speaking face-to-face with somebody or to a larger group of people – “YOU need to define what success means to YOU, because if you don’t do it, somebody else will define it for you.”

True success is not limited to business. There are many other major areas of life we need to keep in shape. Failure in any of the areas significantly affects other areas too.


Wheel of life Zig Ziglar

We must achieve some level of success in each of these areas before we can experience the true satisfaction of total success.

This definition of success will also guide us and our choices in this wonderful journey called “Life” – since we truly become a Person Of Success. Don’t let anybody block your way there.

8 Things Success Is

Here is a list of success characteristics by Zig Ziglar, one of my favorite writers and public speakers, who deeply impacted my life when I was just taking my first steps in the business world. These characteristics might help you refine your definition of success.

  1. Success is knowing that you did a great job when you close the door to your office at the end of each workday and head for home
  2. Success is having a home and people to love, who love you in return
  3. Success is having the financial security to meet your obligations each month and the knowledge that you have provided that security for your family in the event of your demise
  4. Success is having the kind of faith that lets you know where to turn when there seems to be no place to turn
  5. Success is having an interest or hobby that gives you joy and peace
  6. Success is knowing who you are and Whose you are
  7. Success is taking good care of yourself and waking up healthy each day
  8. Success is slipping under the covers at the end of the day and realizing with gratitude that “It just doesn’t get much better than this!”

8 Things Success Is Not

  1. Success is not missing dinner with the family several times a week because of working too much
  2. Success is not rushing home from work and hiding out with the TV or computer, thinking, “After the day I’ve had, I need my space!”
  3. Success is not about how to make more money when you already have more money than you can spend
  4. Success is not about going to church and ignoring everything you hear
  5. Success is not all work and no play
  6. Success is not about being so busy that you live on unhealthy fast food
  7. Success is not spending mental energy worrying – about late projects, being home on time, your health, missing your child’s school play, being able to pay your bills, or finding joy in your life
  8. Success is not texting while you drive to catch up on your overloaded schedule

(source: Born To Win by Zig Ziglar)

Your turn

  • What’s on your list?
  • How do you define success in your life?

Have a successful day! 🙂 Live to tell a Story!

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