Recently I started taking Samba dancing lessons with my wife. This was a dream of mine for a long time and this year I decided to make the dream come true. It is so much FUN!! – especially considering my age and zero experience dancing:)

I absolutely love Samba and the passion of that dance, but I also want to share some principles and surprising lessons I have been reminded of while learning Samba, which are directly related to being effective and successful in business and life. Here they are:

1. The first steps seem hard to make. Make them anyway

This is not only about the actual dance steps in Samba (Samba is considered the hardest Latin dance), but about having a dream and taking the first step to make that dream a reality.

My first steps in Samba were hard to learn, but now it is much easier and every time I go for a lesson, I become better and better, and sense of victory drives me forward.

There will always be people who tell you it is impossible, or you might think the conditions are not right yet, or you worry about what other people will think. But do you know what? This is YOUR life and your Story, and once you start something you really want – you will be glad you did and will wonder why didn’t you do it earlier. If you delay this first step, you actually delay enjoying the benefits of reaching your dream. So, don’t delay, start today! 🙂

2. Having passion and vision lead to greater results

Without my deep passion for Latin dances and envisioning myself dancing on the dance floor and even winning an International Championship, I would not have even started this whole thing. Especially if I had known beforehand that Samba is the hardest Latin dance. But I didn’t know that 🙂 My passion and vision of how much fun it would be performing in the International Dance Competition, not only helped me to start dancing lessons, but also gives me motivation to get up early several days a week, sweat on the dance floor and enjoy every minute of it.

Once you have a passion for something you do and you know WHY you do it – you have a different level of motivation, which enables you to learn faster, think more creatively and achieve outstanding results. Discover your WHY’s in what you do in business and life – I guarantee, your life will be much different and more meaningful.

3. Goal-setting is obligatory for success

Before we decided to start Samba lessons, we discussed “why” we would do it. It is for fun, absolutely, but for me there is something more to it – it is one of the ways to prove to myself and to people around me that a person can achieve much more than he/she thinks. We have set a goal to win an International Latin Championship within 2 years and we have an action plan for how we will achieve it.

Goal-setting and action plans are necessary not only for learning Samba and other Latin dances, but for any area of life in which you want to be successful. They enable you to focus, set priorities and make things happen.

4. Focus on one step at a time

A lesson usually takes about 1 hour and during this hour amazing things happen as you fully immerse in a dance and learn specific steps:

  • you need to FOCUS carefully on the rhythm of the dance, music speed and your moves in order to make every step perfect. You just don’t think about anything else during that time except “making this wonderful, but difficult step” 🙂
  • your full attention should be on understanding and learning ONE SPECIFIC STEP before you can move on to other steps and later combine them all together into a figure.
  • NO DISTRACTIONS, just dance and passionate music! Nothing terrible happened while I was dancing without checking my phone and email 🙂 As you can imagine, I don’t have either the time or opportunity to do that, and it is so gooooood 🙂 And nobody thinks it’s unusual.

So, why then can your days not contain “blocks of Samba” time? That is, blocks of 1-2 hours with no distractions so you can work more effectively on important and meaningful things? Your days can and absolutely must have these blocks of time when nobody and nothing distracts you. Your effectiveness and results will grow. I know, I have personally tested it 🙂

Have a great day and a great journey toward your dreams!


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Photo: Andrey Zaytsev-Anna Kuzminskaya (Russia), Champions of WDSF World Open 2013 © Roland

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