People around the world often ask me about the essentials of long-term success and effective time management. So, I’ve decided to make a list in a form of ABC, which covers these most important aspects, and will help you to remember it easily.

Fundamentals of effective time management


Action is what makes things happen. Don’t procrastinate – take action on the things you know you should already be doing.


Break your day into blocks of 1½ -2 hours, so you can focus on important tasks without distractions.


Create a visual dashboard where you clearly see your most important goals and dreams, and your progress. Pin it somewhere that you can see it most of the time throughout the day.


Delegate tasks to someone who can do them better, faster or cheaper. But do it right, otherwise you will spend even more time correcting mistakes.


Effectiveness is doing the right things, efficiency is doing things right” – Peter Drucker. Effectiveness is your primary goal. Define what the right things are and make them happen.


Focus on the most important things – the rest can wait or be left undone.


Get away from the office on a regular basis to spend time alone. Use this time to evaluate your dreams, goals, progress and plan of action.


Have a clear plan of action for reaching your most important goals.


Internal meetings should be minimized as much as possible, since most such meetings are unnecessary. Participate only in meetings that will move you closer to reaching your objectives.


Journal your ideas, meetings notes and project progress details, so you can have everything in one place and don’t waste time searching for them when needed.


“Kill” notifications on your smartphone and computer. Turn them off. Every distraction costs you an additional 15-20 minutes on a task or project.


Limit the number of times you check your social media and email. Try to check it just 3 times a day.


Minimize distractions when you are trying to focus on the most important tasks. It will help you achieve results faster and with higher quality.


“No” is a word you should learn to say often. It will help you greatly in protecting your time.


Optimize your time by grouping similar activities into one block of time (e.g. scheduling several meetings in one afternoon) or by combining important activities (e.g. going to the gym with a friend).


Plan weekly, review daily.


Quit doing things that do not get you closer to your most important goals in life and business


Rest enough on a daily or weekly basis to get your energy back and enable you to keep going.


Set measurable goals in life and business. “A goal properly set is halfway reached” – Zig Ziglar


Track your time to see where it goes and what can be improved.


Use your rhythms of natural effectiveness by intentionally planning complex tasks at “peak” periods when your creativity and strategic thinking are at their best.


Vision and dreams are the most powerful motivators to keep you focused throughout the day. Put them on paper and remind yourself of where you are going.


Why do I do what I am doing right now?” – should be a question you ask yourself every day.


X-ray your habits and lifestyle to see if you have any unhealthy trends.


Your precious time and life are YOUR responsibility. Use them wisely.


Zoom into the future to determine the future you want to create and what activities and tasks you should engage in today and this week to make that future a reality.

Have a meaningful day! 🙂


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