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I am Andrey and I am happy to see you here.

This blog is one way to express my deep passion to inspire and to enable people like you to achieve long-term success in life and business – to dream big, to achieve outstanding results, to live a meaningful life and to become all that you can be.

The Reason Why

Time is one of the constraints we all have, and one that most of us struggle with. In the midst of this crazy and fast-changing world, I’m sure we’re all asking ourselves the same questions:

  • How can I achieve outstanding results at work or business without working extra hours and without so much stress?
  • How do I reach my dreams and goals in life?
  • Where do I get the extra time I need to accomplish everything I want?
  • Will this sense of overload end one day?
  • How do I spend more quality time with my kids and family?

We all have these concerns about time, but I’m guessing that the real reason you’re here is not about time management techniques or tips on increasing productivity, though these are important. Your real reason is something deeper, something different.

During my professional life I’ve met many people from different walks of life and I’ve discovered that nearly everyone wants to create something valuable, to contribute to their own life, to the lives of others, and to the world in general to the degree they can, and to have those things that we all want – happiness, health, friends, family, financial freedom, security, peace of mind, hope. We all want to know that what we do everyday is significant. That’s why we want to have meaningful days, to know that these hours we spend each day are worth something and have a meaning or purpose. Ultimately the real reason is even beyond that – we all want to have a meaningful LIFE, don’t we?

“Your time is your life. Don’t waste either of them.” – Andrey Sergeyev

By helping you to be more effective, to manage your time wisely and to achieve outstanding results, I hope to enable you to achieve your dreams and goals in life faster. That is my ultimate purpose for creating this blog.

What you will find here

  • Inspiration to dream big and to take action towards your dreams and goals in life
  • Proven ways to become more effective, to manage time wisely and to get outstanding results in life and business
  • Fundamental principles of long-term success and ways to develop qualities of successful people
  • Effective ways to grow as a leader in your organization, your family, your community, so you can impact others for life

Majority of these strategies and practical advice derive from the successes and failures in my personal and professional life, from almost 20 years of international business experience from startups to helping build multi-million dollar businesses. From being a senior executive and an entrepreneur. And, yes, as a husband and the father of three wonderful kids. 🙂 I’ve also observed that the same principles have worked for many other people in various parts of the world, as I’ve travelled for business and leisure in the USA, UK, Russia and Europe. But I am still learning, so I will also share what I continue to discover about achieving long-term success in life and business, becoming all we can be and making a difference in the lives of other people.

I hope you will find something here that will work for you as well, in your journey. Feel free to to share these posts with your friends and provide any feedback in comments or contact me personally.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you here often!

Have a meaningful day! 🙂

Cheers, Andrey Sergeyev


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